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A couple of months ago, the Court-Supervised BP Settlement Program issued important information for subsistence claimants who wish to participate in the Economic and Property Damages Settlement. At that time, the preliminary steps for processing subsistence claims—most notably the appointment of a Court-Appointed Distribution Agent for handling the claims—were being taken.

The Settlement Program continues to make advances on the processing of these claims, which is good news for the nearly 7,000 claimants who have submitted complete claims forms to the Program. Just this month, the Claims Administrator released updated information on the processing of subsistence claims. Here are some of the highlights that current and potential claimants may be interested in:

  • Evaluation of subsistence claims requires looking at the caloric intake of Gulf Coast residents. The Claims Administrator retained Peter Katzmarzyk, PhD, FACSM, FAHA, a Professor and Associate Executive Director for Population Science at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center, to aid in this analysis. That culminated in a revised formula for calculating subsistence loss.
  • The Claims Administrator also updated its Subsistence Interview Form. ALL claimants—even those who already submitted a Subsistence Interview Form—must complete and submit this revised form. This Form may be submitted via mail, fax or email and is available at (click on “Subsistence Interview Form” in the Other Forms section).
  • Some barterer or non-consumption claimants will be required to submit a Subsistence Third Party Sworn Written Statement in support of their subsistence claim.
  • Deckhands submitting subsistence claims will be required to submit Third Party Affidavits from their captains to be eligible for payments under the subsistence claims program.
  • There is now an updated Seafood and Game Retail Price Chart. This chart provides retail prices for different species harvested in the Gulf Coast and is updated to include species that were not originally included in the Price Chart.
  • Subsistence claimants are required to specify a time period in which their fishing or hunting areas were closed due to the oil spill. If the loss period identified by the claimant is not consistent with the closure or impairment of the areas between April 20, 2010 and December 31, 2011, then the claimant will need to submit a Sworn Written Statement in support of their claimed loss period.

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